Senin, 30 Maret 2009

Expressing of Admiration

Ida admires sari's new shirt

ida : that's a lovely dress sari. is it new ?
sari : Yes it is. it's a present from my sister
ida : the colour really looks nice on you
sari : thank you ida

Hare are some sample phares and sentences for expressing of admiration
A material summary
Expressions to express admiration !
- that's a lovely dress
- that was a nice meal
- you look nice in that dress
- thefood was delicious
- You really a good cook
- you have done a good job
- you did very well
- well done

The Respond
- Thank You
- you really think so
-I'm glad you like it
- it's nice of you to say so
- i'm glad you enjoyed it

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